FC WI Girls Sports Medicine Consultant

Elite athletes require elite care from top sports medicine professionals.  High quality injury evaluation, assessment, and treatment helps players return to play faster, and helps minimize missed developmental time.  High quality injury evaluation can also be used to identify protocols to prevent recurrence or other chronic problems.

Physical Therapist Calvin Deutsch of Deutsch Physiotherapy, Co. is the FC Wisconsin Girls Sports Medicine Consultant.  In that role, Calvin provides FC Wisconsin athletes with a variety of services:

  • Evaluation of injuries and physical therapy or other referral recommendations;
  • Coordination of physical therapy and return-to-play protocol for injured athletes, regardless of provider;
  • Provision of direct physical therapy in the team environment as appropriate; and

Calvin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a degree from Creighton University, one of thirty-five Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialists in the state of Wisconsin, and the only physical therapist in Wisconsin in the US Olympic Committee's Physical Therapy Database.

Calvin will provide physical therapy services directly for athletes at FC Wisconsin or coordinate with other providers to insure that there are no mistakes or misunderstandings in the return to play process.  His role is to help insure that players return to play as safely and efficiently as possible.  His “pre-hab” programs also pro-actively help reduce risk of future injury for club players

To play at your best, you need to be physically at your best.  In his role as club Sports Medicine Consultant Calvin Deutsch is a key part of the club's player health and safety platform, and will help reduce injury risk, maximize performance, and provide effecient, effective, and top class return to play protocol and procedures.

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