Vito Parente (Staff Member)

Vito Parente is a Milwaukee native who grew up playing club soccer in Milwaukee and went on to play college soccer at Marian College.

What are your memories of playing youth soccer?

"I grew up playing for Croatian Eagles mostly playing against local teams, nothing like FC Wisconsin Eclipse offers young athletes today. We would train twice a week, but didn't have much guidance as to what would be the next steps in our careers.  My best memories were outside of trainings when my friends and I would get pick up games going. We put together pick up games whenever we could. The more touches we could get on the ball the better we felt."

What coaching did you do before coming to FC Wisconsin Eclipse?

"I started out coaching a U13 team at Croatian Eagles straight out of college. During that time I was also coaching the JV team at Pius XI High School. It didn't take long before I knew I wanted to coach long term. I was the assistant Varsity coach at Pius XI and then I became the Varsity Head Coach at Pius XI. In 2006 I left high school soccer behind and joined FC Milwaukee where I coached from U11-U18's."

Why did you decide you wanted to be a soccer coach?

"I decided to be a coach because I have a strong passion for the game and I enjoy teaching. It is very rewarding knowing you are helping players grow as people and players."

Why did you decide to coach at FC Wisconsin Eclipse?

"I came to FC Wisconsin Eclipse because I wanted to be part of a club that gives players the opportunity to play against the very best and be seen by the very best colleges in the country on a consistent basis. No other club in the state can come close to saying that. I also wanted to be part of a club that has a team coaching staff. It is great being able to work with all the teams and players at every age group. This philosophy helps our players receive a large amount of feedback every training and game."

How would you describe an FC Wisconsin Eclipse player?

"Tough, smart and coachable.  The players in FC Wisconsin know that being tough is a huge part of being successful at the top levels. Toughness has many aspects to it. You have to be physically tough, but also mentally tough. The coaches at FC Wisconsin stress going out of your comfort zone. When players train and play out of their comfort zone they are going to continue to develop faster. The players learn to understand and embrace this."

How would you describe the FC Wisconsin Eclipse experience to a parent?

"This experience is one of the toughest and most rewarding experiences their child will have. This is why our players join the club - they learn that in order to be above average you have to put above average work in. The club is a place that will push your limits and you will hear the truth about what you need to do to reach your goals.  It is also a place where players come together and work with and for each other in totally unique ways.  It is truly a family experience, because with family you are there during the best times and during the trying times.

Parente in 30 Seconds!

  • Family: Married to Katie, with young son Vito Joseph Parente (17 months) and another child due in January!
  • Day Job: Sr. Account Manager/Team Leader for Everbrite managing a team and projects for the McDonald's remodels and new construction.
  • Free Time:  With soccer and Everbrite I don't get much free time. When I do I like to spend it with Katie and Vito. Whether it's going to the park or taking them around the city I cherish every moment. We recently bought a house, which also keeps us busy. There is always a new project popping up. Put up a new garage, put in a new floor, redo our third bedroom for the baby on the way. As you can see free time fills up quickly

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