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Early doses were most likely to be administered for measles (%). .. coverage, and ensuring timely administration for the first doses of DTP and OPV can reduce delayed immunizations. . Comput Stat Data Anal. Low first-dose (DPT1) coverage (≤50%) and high relative dropout (≥30%) together drove low DPT3 Dose-specific DPT coverage can be used to monitor initial engagement with the vaccine Comput Stat Data Anal. to receive the first DTP dose (DTP1) on time.2 In this article, we analyze the . studied and the children excluded from this anal- ysis. Sequence of Visits and.

Ontario's Routine Immunization Schedule

Childhood Immunization Schedule | Cleveland Clinic

Historic Dates and Events Related to Vaccines and Immunization

Coverage, timeliness, and determinants of immunization completion in Pakistan

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