Soft anal plug

Anal plug prevents the uncontrolled loss of solid stool. Because of its small size, the anal plug can easily fit into your pocket or handbag. It cannot be seen by. That's what you're going to enjoy when you get this Soft Purple Silicone Natural Cat Fur Anal Plug and have it added to your existing toys collection. It inserts. The Adrien Lastic Amuse Black are the best option for lovers of anal pleasures. Soft and safe to the touch, this bold, exhilarating butt plug is hypoallergenic.

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Soft Purple Silicone Natural Fox Fur Anal Plug ~

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Amuse Black - Anal stimulator - Adrien Lastic

1 Pcs Anal Plug With Soft Fox Long Tail

PeristeenĀ® Anal Plug - discreet aid for faecal incontinence

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