Youth Academy Players Loving the Game and Learning Tons!

The FC Wisconsin Youth Academy is for girls ages 6-10, and includes teams at every age group.  Youth Academy players are taught by many of the most experienced staff in the club, with senior players that also come to work with the “next generation” and who serve as fantastic role models and mentors.  You could see the fantastic impact the program is having this weekend, with every player showing new dribbling skills and feints, a good understanding of space on the field, and the desire to keep the ball with skill, thought, and creativity in their games.   The chaotic “swarm around the ball” so typical in soccer at these ages is notably missing with FC Wisconsin players – showing the strong and incredibly valuable foundation these players are receiving as they also learn to love the game.

“The games this weekend were so fun to watch,” said coach Joana Bielefeld.  “I saw every player try multiple moves to either get out of tight spaces or to take someone on 1v1.  They were really thinking and applying what we have done in training.  They are still learning about how to make the decision on whether to pass or dribble, but every day we make progress and they understand more about this key decision.  I am so excited about what comes next for these players.  They are having so much fun and learning so much at the same time.”  

For some great photos from the weekend click here.

The difference in the FC Wisconsin Youth Academy is obvious to everyone watching: more specific coaching, more thoughtful players, and just as much fun.  The FC Wisconsin Youth Academy shows how much and how fast young players can learn in the right environment, with the right coaches.  Youth Academy sessions are always open to new players and parents that want to have a great experience in the game. 

Contact us to schedule a time to come out and see if the FC Wisconsin Youth Academy is for you!

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