Director Christian Lavers Interviewed by Positive Coaching Alliance

The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) was founded to help transform youth sports to insure that all youth and high school athletes have a positive, character-building sport experience, using the tagline Better Athletes, Better People.

PCA recently interviewed FC Wisconsin Director Christian Lavers about sport specialization, and the impacts of playing one or multiple sports as a youth athlete.  Christian's advice was simple but powerful on this hot-button topic.  First, athletes - especially young athletes - should never be forced to specialize by their coaches or parents - it should always be the athlete's choice on whether to play one or multiple sports.  Similarly, an athlete that loves and only wants to play one sport should not be criticized; it is safe and ok to play one sport all year if the player is coached with the proper training methodology focused on long-term athlete development.  Fundmentally, empowering athletes and families to follow their heart is the way to insure a positive experience for every player.

Watch the interview here.


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